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I learned a lot about dreams from my parents. They were both born in Puerto Rico and came to the mainland U.S. when they were very young.

My mother was more of a realist and my dad a dreamer. Both wanted better things for us.

It wasn’t unusual to hear crazy things from my father. He was always talking about magic cures, making his own crazy recipes that we were afraid to eat (his own yogurt that looked gross), and promoting crazy ideas. My favorite was “white tires.” He went on and on about white tires and how they would look good on cars. Nothing ever came of it and the idea wasn’t that original because in the early 20th century, some cars had white tires. My mother was the one who wanted us to go to the Ivy League universities and to achieve great things. She was a perfectionist and goal oriented. She drove us hard and in some ways that worked in others it failed. Both parents while trying to make it better for us, in some ways made it harder. It made it harder for me to focus. I wanted the dream, but didn’t know which one. I also became a perfectionist, nothing I did was good enough.

Both ways of thinking didn’t work for me, and in between raising kids and helping with a business, I got lost in the shuffle. It wasn’t until I got divorced and had to start all over again that I was forced to change the way I did things. What did I learn ? 1. A dream would never reach the light of day until there was a date and a plan of action. 2. Nothing can be perfect and who wants perfect. People relate to imperfect 3. It is better to try and fail, then not try at all. 4. The more clear my vision, the more my dream would become reality. 5. It is never too late to have a dream. I was able to fulfill a dream of mine to write and publish a book, and I am working on a second book. I created a blog that I write in weekly. I am also fulfilling my dream to travel the world. What is your dream? Dreams do come true, if you want them to.

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