Winner of the Bronze Award in the International Reader's Choice Awards and soon to be featured in Publisher's Weekly:

Song of the Boriuca

Olivia Castillo, like the jibaros of the past, captivates audiences with her timeless tale of love, loss, and rebirth. 

Puerto Rico an island of contradiction, serves as an enchanting backdrop following three generations of women. 
Elena: resilient and ambitious, but trapped by duty to her children. Maria:passionate and headstrong, but married to a man she does not love. Josephina: optimistic and romantic, but in love with an alcoholic. Isabella: clairvoyant and spiritual, but denies her heritage and roots. 

Like the land these women are held hostage, unfulfilled and unable to find their happiness. Each generation like the land is cursed. Can they defy the powerful bond of the curse and free themselves to find love everlasting?


Castillos' fiction is timely, offering a glimpse into the islands rich history and offering insight into the story that has plagued women for all of time, the search for true love and acceptance of self.