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The Butterfly Effect

Oh, those first few weeks of being in love! The butterflies in the stomach; the wanting to be with each other every moment; the sun kissed days and passionate nights---marriage...and then it happens. Life becomes routine and soon we begin to notice all the little things we chose to ignore. It's not long after that we realize that we might have made the wrong choice to marry Prince or Princess Charming. Those early decisions we make in life, especially in who we choose as a partner, can change the whole trajectory of our life.

In Edward Lorenz's Chaos Theory (he was a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and considered the father of this theory) the butterfly effect says if the butterfly flaps its wings at a certain time, at a certain place, it can create a series of events which can cause a hurricane.

In other words, a tiny life choice can be the catalyst for the sequence of millions of events and consequences that change your life.

In Song of the Boricua, you can see how a passionate, careless night, can change a person's destiny.

What we decide as a young person can have dire consequences for us and those around us, so choose wisely.

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