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The Pure Life

A stick, a stone It's the end of the road It's the rest of a stump It's a little alone It's the wind blowing free It's the end of the slope It's a beam, it's a void It's a hunch, it's a hope And the river bank talks Of the waters of March It's the end of the strain The joy in your heart

-"Águas de Março” Antonio Carlos Jobim

Life is fragile. When you know this and truly understand this, you can fully embrace the present moment, the little things, the mundane, the pains and sorrows because it’s all part of the river of life.

You can appreciate your loved ones and the everyday because you know it’s not forever. There is a finite end.

Experiencing a trip with my husband in Costa Rica right now, I can say I feel this fragility of life, this sliver of glass; knowing that life is fragile has made this trip one of the most enjoyable trips of my life.

I am present. I feel it all because I know it’s not forever. I see beauty all around me, from the smallest butterfly to the greenest canopy.

Watching a setting sun in a sea of gold, feeling the rushing water in a small blue swimming hole. Staring in awe at a lightening streaked sky, I appreciate the flow.

Seeing the tiniest creature inside a seashell struggle with the heavy load reminds me that life is hard, yet it swims to the blue sea and it goes.

Hearing monkeys in trees, and feeling the wind as it blows, I understand all of it has a pulse, and it flows.

I appreciate it all because it’s a gift. A gift I cannot take for granted because there is an end.

So I flow with the river in the blue zone.

And the riverbank talks

Of the waters of March

It's the promise of life

It's the joy in your heart

- "Águas de Março” Antonio Carlos Jobim


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