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The Power of One

We are taught to think negatively of being only a party of one. I remember long ago as a child in the 1970’s hearing the words from the rock band, Three Dog Night, screeching on the radio, “ is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do..." In another song, “All by Myself,” Celine Dion’s beautiful voice sends a chill when she belts out about how you don’t want to be alone.

Society isn’t always good to a woman by herself. Sometimes it’s viewed as a defect or being a single mom can be viewed as a negative. They might say, “She must have done something wrong if he left her...” or "Her kids are going to be messed up because she's alone..." Standing all by yourself against an injustice, being the first one to speak up, is not always pleasant. Sometimes it’s the hardest thing you can ever do. You're risking being seen, rejected, ridiculed and judged.

It’s time that being a party of one become a good thing, not a bad thing. There is power in one. It is better to be alone and be happy than be together and be miserable. There is a freedom in being one with yourself. There is a power in one; take your power back. Remember, one person can make a difference and even change the world.

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