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The Universe and Me

As a child I loved science. I would wait until my mother would do errands, then I would experiment.

One time, I mixed iodine and alcohol with baking powder trying to make an explosion. I just made a mess.

Another time I tried to get a UFO to pick me up and transport me to another world by waiting out in my New York balcony at night.

I tried to get a million things to fly, including my poor little brother. We tied him up between two sleds and threw him off the closet shelf. Of course the sled came undone and he flew into the air, bouncing between two beds. Thank God he turned out to be okay. Yep I was one of those kids and my mother always would tell me, I would be the death of her and that curiosity killed the cat. Today I’m glad I was one of those kids and my fascination with science, space and matter continues today.

I still remember this old commercial in the 1970’s that would say “ ...the mind is a terrible thing to waste...” and I would wonder what that meant. Today its meaning for me is to continue to explore and expand my mind. Just this week my daughter showed me an article about the brain and how neuroscientists found that the brain can operate in 11 dimensions. I was blown away, yet somewhere inside of me I knew this to be true. There are so many things we need to discover about our brains.

As scientists continue to explore, so do I by keeping my mind busy, healthy and curious about the world I live in. Curiosity doesn’t kill you; it may get you in trouble and that’s okay by me. Expand your mind. The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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