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Magic on the Island

I have often wondered if I was the luckiest person in the world or the unluckiest and why so much has happened to me. I have always been accident prone as a child hitting my head many times. At age four thinking I was a trapeze artist in Puerto Rico, with my tights, tiny skirt and umbrella, I fell hard and had my head busted open. I never forgot my brother telling me as we were speeding to the hospital, that the inside of my head looked like peas and carrots and throwing my lollipop at the doctor. At age thirteen I was attacked by a serial killer and lived to tell the tale. He was sent to jail. I was abducted at seventeen and by the grace of God, driven back home. In my twenties I was involved in twenty-seven car accidents, no exaggeration. There were so many I had a friend tell me I should get prayed on, something must be wrong with me. In this prayer room, a group of people prayed over me and I was told that a multi-generational curse had been put on my family and me. Curious about such a thing, I asked my mother if it was true. Being a strong Christian, she told me to pray and not let negativity direct my life not really answering my question.

I still wondered if there was some truth to this generational curse thing and did a little research on Puerto Rico and magic spells.I did remember being at the beach in Puerto Rico and hearing drums, finding out later they were not just for entertainment, but religious rituals to honor the Orishas (deities).

Learning more about the magic didn't explain my accidents or this curse, but it helped me understand the environment and the island mysticism I had been brought up in.

In the end, I believe we create our own luck.

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