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Life in Blue

Seagulls circling over azure seas, Ocean waves crashing on the beach. Cobalt sprays in the air, Wet tendrils of my hair. Walking on sands of white, Powdery and light. The blue life is a calm meditative vibe, Bluest skies and dusk filled nights. Breathe in breathe out the radiant sea, Haunting in its magic calling to me. Blue days and blue nights, Living my blue life. - Olivia Castillo

Blue is a state of mind, a way of life. What do I mean when I talk about the blue life ? It means following the blue road. Whether it’s going out and exploring a blue skied day or meditating beside a cobalt blue ocean. It is feeling your blue mood or watching the dusk fade away into the even darker blue night. Blue is good for the soul. My obsession with blue began for me as a child in Puerto Rico. Those years were the best years of my childhood. They were filled with Caribbean blue seas, and long days playing with friends and cousins . My parents were happier near the sea. They were near their family and seemed less preoccupied with small things. I know I was happier and blue has followed me into my adult life.

When I meditate, I see blue and blue is the throat chakra, the voice of the body. When it is in balance, you can express what you think and feel. It symbolizes truth and meaning, creative expression. I recently read that scientists have found that the color blue is healing to the brain. I didn’t need a scientific study to quantify blue for me. I’m just happy I live a blue life.

Explore the blue in your life. It might make for a happier one.

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