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The Music of Our Soul

Our souls knew it beyond the islands, and beyond the sun, Your dream and my dream ignited, Tune of my Island. Poem of the "Eternal Appointment," by Julia de Burgos

I recently went to a sound healing. It was my second time. I walked into a yoga type studio with my pillow, blanket, and mat. Before me, was an incredible array of otherworldly bowls and instruments. Before the healers began, they explained the benefits of sound healing. We were told our bodies hold energy from our experiences and sound releases this energy that can be harmful. The therapist also said that we are all vibrational force fields, and each bowl and instrument played releases a different kind of vibration from your body. As I laid there, I immediately crashed out and went into a deep sleep. Then I remember becoming aware, seeing colorful triangles and stained glass mosaic shapes, and then seeing a vision of colorful goblets resting on an old, dark medieval type table. Each goblet represented a powerful person, its own kingdom which symbolized a meeting of great minds to me.

When I told the therapist/sound healer what I saw, she said,”Wow, you're honoring your sovereignty.” That stayed in my mind. I went home and looked up sovereignty. SOVEREIGNTY: The union and exercise of all human power possessed in a state; it is a combination of all power. That was very interesting to me because my children, and husband, were all in that room doing the sound healing together with me. I thought of my parents and ancestors from Puerto Rico, and how they would be proud of us for coming together, choosing healing, and combining our powers together to be one force for good.

I love all music and have extremely, musically talented children. I think of how important music is to our soul and I'm so happy that science is catching up with the healing sciences. My interest in all healing began with my grandmother. It went to my mother, who loved everything connected to healing and the body, then to me and the finally to my kids. A complete legacy honoring our parents and ancestors. I think of the triangle I saw and for me it represented three generations coming together, honoring the past and assuring us of a greater future.

Sound healing is a great form of healing. To be able to lie there and to have your body restored sounds very good to me.

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