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New Beginnings

I look at fall as the beginning of the year. It's the time of year when we begin a new school year, start a new season, and kick-off the holidays.

I think of new beginnings differently today than I did before. I welcome it! Whereas before, I remember being very resistant to change. I felt like if things changed, I failed and it was a reflection of me as a person.

I tried to hold on to things in the past: old dreams, objects, places, relationships, friendships that no longer worked, and a marriage that ceased to function. I resisted change and the more I resisted it, the more stuck I became. Every new year I would say to myself, I hope things change, but I wanted something different without doing it differently. After things got critical, I realized that desire alone won’t get it done. I had to do the actions towards the change, even if It meant baby steps. It took a long time and to me, it didn’t seem like things were changing, but then change happened. My life completely transformed.

I see today that sometimes, the old has to be razed and the whole thing wiped clean for a new day to begin. I look at what Hurricane Maria did to Puerto Rico. Thousands of lives were lost and there was suffering beyond measure, but out of the ashes something new and better is arising. I hope Puerto Rico can see this as new storms come into the horizon. The lessons of the past will be the lessons of our future. Sent from my iPhone

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