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Just Breathe

As I read the glaring headlines, see the rising death toll and numbers of people infected, watch the stock market fall, and see whole countries shut off their borders, including ours, I ask myself: How do we navigate a world that has altered almost over night??? One word comes to mind, BREATHE. Yes breathe. Come back to the moment, the here and now. When we breath and come back to the moment, to the here and now and break things down to their simplest equation, life becomes manageable. Take five minutes to just breathe and center yourself, and to assess what is fact and what is fiction. Facts : 1. There is a corona virus and while corona viruses have been with us, this one is new. 2. The world as we know it has changed and will continue to change as new information is processed. 3. Adapt your routines has much as possible while still trying to live your life. 4. Meditate, exercise, and eat nutritiously. 5. Wash your hands for 20 seconds (You can sing "Happy Birthday" to yourself to help with timing) and don’t touch face. 6. Get at least a months supply of medications, food, and water.

There is definitely hope, we will be okay, and I dream of our world opening up again. The world I knew in December when I was walking the streets of Seville, Spain--lost in crowds, people all around me, hugging, singing, and unafraid.

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