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Healthy Mind & Healthy Body

It’s been awhile since I have blogged. When I think of what’s happening out there, it feels like I’m listening to nails scraping across a chalkboard. I’ve spent the last few weeks shutting out the increasing noise and negativity, and becoming hypervigilant about my health, especially my mental health. On reflecting on all of the events of the last two months, the protests, the injustices, the rising numbers and deaths, the finger pointing and blaming, I made a decision to put my mental health on the top of my list even over physical health. I think of the famous quote by Deepak Chopra, "In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you." I realized with the rising panic over the pandemic and the negativity all around me, I had to put extra effort on keeping myself not only physically healthy but mentally healthy as well. The noise is not new to me. At age 33, I suffered from severe postpartum depression. I did not see it coming. I had made sure to take care of myself, eating a nutritious diet during pregnancy and exercising regularly. I gave birth and physically looked great. I lost any pregnancy weight within the first month and friends complimented my svelte physique, but for me everyday had become a struggle. The noise inside my head grew louder and louder. I knew I wasn’t right, something was off, and after a visit to my doctor and psychiatrist, I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. The next two years, I had to be hyper focused on my mental health. I stayed away from negativity and negative people; I got in touch with my inner voice and went back to doing what I loved, getting close to nature, art, and getting into therapy. I learned that a healthy mind is the most important thing for me and in this world wide pandemic, mental health will help you keep your body healthy. Yes, wear your mask. Take your vitamins. Social distance, etc., but what is the point of all that if you become sick and depressed. Suicide is on the rise and it is important to occupy yourself with safe and healthy outlets, and turning down the noise. It’s helped me survive some very rough waters and will help you as well. Stay safe my friends!

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