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Our souls knew it beyond the islands, and beyond the sun,
Your dream and my dream ignited, 
Tune of my Island.

Poem of the "Eternal Appointment," by Julia de Burgos 

I recently went to a sound healing. It was my second time. I walked into a yoga type studio with my pillow, blanket, and mat. Before me, was an incredible arra...

“Those  who fail to 'become the river' keep the momentum going that carries others to the completion of a goal.

- Martin Espada

My father was an enigma to me, a rubik’s cube. Every time I thought I solved the riddle, it changed.
He died several years ago. I was the only one of my siblings to attend his funeral. In some...

"How deep is your love?" I remember hearing that song as a kid in the 1970’s, blasting through the streets of New York City. It was summer of 1978 and "Saturday Night Fever" was the shiz. I also remember hearing Yvonne Elliman singing the first few verses of "If I Can't Have You,"

"Don’t know why 
I’m surviving every lonel...

A year ago yesterday, I wrote my first blog and opened up my heart, soul, and life to the universe.

I published my first book, Song of the Boricua. I went on a year long journey of putting myself out there and sharing my dream of being a writer with the world.

What a journey it’s been. I’ve grown as a person, as a writer, a...

Twenty years ago I was in a crisis. My life was falling apart. I had postpartum depression; I was in a failing marriage, and I had a newborn baby girl I could barely take care of.

Everyday I suffered from major anxiety. I felt overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being a young mom of three children, helping my then...

It is nearing the end of a most incredible trip in the country of love, wine, and passion for everything. 

I am sitting in a cafe across the street from the opulent Versailles palace for a late lunch, thinking of my mother, family, and this amazing trip.

We toured chateaus and stayed in several of them. One was very elabora...

Traveling is a beloved hobby of mine. This year my trip to France was purposely planned during this second week of May during Mother’s Day in the USA, which is May 12th.

This year will be the first year I will have a Mother’s Day without a living mother. I wanted to be in the city of love during this holiday in some ways to...

Listen, my people,
the greatest in this world,
You always make me feel
deep pride.

"Mi Gente" by Hector Lavoe

What is beauty? Is it what you look like? How you act? What makes a people beautiful? Hector Lavoe knew what made his people beautiful. He described it in his famous song, "Mi Gente," my people. He goes on to say; “...

Over the sea over time,
Beyond the faces of the islands that dream.

In the breast of the wind the lilies are saying 

That in the breast of the sea two dawns kiss.

- Poem of the "Eternal Appointment" by Julia De Burgos 

The Renaissance, the time after the middle ages when Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael emerge...

This above all: to thine own self be true
And it must follow, as the night, the day
Thou canst not then be false to any man/Farewell, my blessing season this in thee!”
Hamlet by William Shakespeare 

Never were any words written that rung more true to me, words I have heard my whole life--words that were so difficult t...

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